Graf Ludo 2013 Nominations



Do you know about the German price for best boardgames graphics ? It’s here all about layout of the game elements, colors, shapes and overall ergonomy. Yesterday they published the 6 nomination for 2013 – the winners will be announced on 4th October 2013 during the Exhibution Modell-hobby-spiel in Leipzig. Find below the details :

In the category ‘Beste Familienspielgrafik’:

  • Brügge (Hans im Glück). Designer: Michael Menzel. Author: Stefan Feld.
  • Die Legenden von Andor (Kosmos). Designer: Michael Menzel. Author: Michael Menzel.
  • Die Zwerge (Pegasus). Designer: Jarek Nocon. Authors: Michael Palm & Lukas Zach.


In the category ‘Beste Kinderspielgrafik’:

  • Die monsterstarke Musikschule (Ravensburger). Designer: Joachim Krause, ideo, Serviceplan, kinetic, DE Ravensburger en Vera Bolze. Author: Kai Haferkamp.
  • Nacht der magischen Schatten (Haba). Designer: Marc Robitzky. Author: Kai Haferkamp.
  • Die verzauberten Rumpelriesen (Drei Magier). Designer: Rolf Vogt. Authors: Carlo Emanuele Lanzavecchia en Walter Obert.


Find out more information on the Graf Ludo website

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