2014 Kick Off


Dear Boardgame Monkeys members,

Ozana & myself wish you all the best for this starting of 2014. May the meeple-force and boardgames fun be with you this year !

We are starting with a major resolution in our personal life; It’s with great exitement that I can now share with you that I proposed to Ozana  who said “YES”. Now that we’re engaged we’ll start planning our wedding !

Another resolution will be the impulse we are giving to Mushroom Games. We’re now part of this game edition company together with Nicholas Bodart. More to be announced later on; just keep in mind that our first game “Time Masters” will be published in French in May (2000 boxes). An English version will be launched later on this year.

You will discover that things are evolving at La Table Food & Games, the place where we are holding most of our events. They hired a new chef, they are improving the space (lighting, number of tables), have new beers available (such as the belgian beer “non peut-être” ) and in the near future a new menu. With the support of some major game editors (Asmodee, Repos Prod, etc.) some contests, special preview nights and others fun stuff will be planned this year.

We are thrilled about the evolution of the Meetup group over the last few months, with now almost 150 members and will continue our dedicated boardgames events for 2014 for this great expat’ community.  Let’s talk now about the next steps coming up, read on below !




First, I want to confirm that we are keeping the Monthly Meetup on Thursday nights. Once a month, there will be a large session for 20+ people that will remain FREE OF CHARGE. We believe boardgames is part of the cultural/social activities that should remain accessible for all of you.

We want to implement a few new ideas as a “try-out” in the coming weeks/months and take it from there. Here’s the list:

  • The new concept of short 2 hours Afterwork Sessions dedicated to a 1 table with 4/5 people event. Check out the Meetup, there are already 5 sessions posted.
  • The monthly Brunch & Game at La Table Food & Games. This will be a real Sunday Brunch concept with a participation fee. You will get great food, games explained, players and a great way to spend quality time 1x a month with the organizers of this event.
  • We will use the facilities of the Funkey Hotel for some special events; Want to join us for a “murder party” or a “panic room experience” ? Stay tuned for announcements.
  • When the weather permits (as of June), we will have outdoor events; to play various games (Mollky, Street Boccia, …) and Geo-Location activities.
  • We are also part of the Brussels Games Festival. Last year, more than 2000+ people participated to this unique event in Brussels. For the 2nd edition, we’ll be helping the staff in organization of the event. Mark the dates of the 15-16-17 August already in your calendars.




Boardgame Monkeys’ objective is to allow people to meet & play together. This means also that members can participate and make sure our Meetup Group is growing. How can you help ? We’re looking for a few extra hands:

  • You can become a Meetup co-organizer to host sessions at La Table, other places or even at your house !
  • You can bring your new games at events. You probably have great games you want to play with.
  • You can help setup the tables and/or explain games during events.

We’re not asking for a very time-consuming dedication. A helping hand from time to time will be already much appreciated ! Drop PG a note or let’s talk at an upcoming session.

All the best,

Ozana & Pierre-Gilles (PG)

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