Afterworks Sessions: Race For The Galaxy



There it was … the shiny box glithering in the dark that had not been opened since 3 years now … OK ! Maybe not that shiny & full of dust, but you get the idea. I heard a lot of good stuff about Race For The Galaxy .. or RFTG for the gamers amongst us that like to put acronyms on every single game (ok that’s just like at work anyhow .. not much different), but never had the chance to really sit down & test it. When Wouter & Oliver in our gaming group posted a Meetup Event about it, I was delighted. Finally, somebody who would explain me the game a bit more in dept !


Luckily, we had even an extra box, because in place of the initial 2 tables we ended up with 4 tables of RFTG to conquest the galaxy and establish our base-camps on new planets … well euh … yeah that could be, but then after understanding the tons of symbols on the cards ! The mechanics are really interesting with a kind of “preselection round” on which phase will be performed during a turn. I really liked this and never saw this in another game (excuse my ignorance 🙂 ). Once you have understood how to draw & discard cards and decided if you go into a produce/consume mode or in a military mode – you’re all set.

There was some silence in the first 15-20 minutes with heavy re-explanation of the cards and what to do next, even if we had a brilliant upfront game explanation (like always) for the entire group. People where clearly still absorbing the rules before they could enjoy it … but .. looking at the comments on our Meetup the next day, we definitively have some of us who likes it ! In any case, I do and will be glad to bring my box back along in a next event.




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