Monkeys’ Statistics: Winter 2014

This is now a recurrent update I provide to our members every quarter. For many of you, this will be the first newsletter you receive. Indeed, we have a whole bunch of people who registered to our meetup in the last 3 months (24 people in October and 16 people in November). We’re actually close to reaching the 300 members now.


Like in many groups, we do have active and inactive members. Our split is fairly good compared to other Meetup groups, we’re trending towards 1/3 of the members who are actually joining us on events (with a slight increase that you can see on below statistics).
You’ve all been seeing the media/press speaking about boardgames in the past months, it’s becoming a really new hype to play boardgames and the national (both French and Dutch) Belgian press is actually relaying this trend. It’s all benefits for groups like ours of course.
La Table Food & Games, our “regular hang-out” had 4 articles (in Le Soir, La Libre, La DH) and 2 TV and radio interviews in the last months. Being sponsored by big publishers like Asmodee, Repos Prod and others they are also now having on an ongoing basis all the new releases available for free to play.
Although it was back in August, the 2nd edition of the Brussels Games Festival (4000 visitors this year) gave the opportunity for many people to discover also not only the gaming place but also key actors of boardgaming scene in Brussels.

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