GenCon 2016 News


I’ve been reading and listening to various updates in the last couple of days about GenCon 2016. Reports, reviews and latest news (sometimes exclusive!) has been shared now around the web from which I’ve picked up a few interesting points. Hereby a summary:

Games such as Cry Havoc (big release for Portal Games), Beyond Backers Street, Oceanos, Junk Art, Lotus, SeaFall, London Dread and Covert are “hot” or sold-out during the show. Others that were not new releases, such as Scythe had also huge lines of players trying to get their hands on gameboxes.

Thunderstone 3.0 is announced by AEG. Special format: Kickstarter campaign planned for October 2016 (same time as Spiel 2016 ??). They will have a “kick it here” type of program for retailers; so the idea is to run via brick & mortar stores (copies to be picked up at the store + stores participating gets a special event kit while players can follow-up the usual KS page). You will be able also to pledge on this project like a regular Kickstarter.

SeaFall was available with a limited number of boxes. Rob Daviau was on the BGG booth to explain briefly how the game works. He told us that in about 6 weeks the game will hit the stores (in the USA). We should be able to get some boxes for Spiel 2016 or you go on the Plaid Hat Games pre-order webpage.

Munchkin Oz and Munchkin Legend is out … yeah oki it is limited editions via Target and Amazon,  but the secret big news is that a Munchkin CCG is in the works designed by Erik Lang and Kevin Wilson ! There is no plans to print them again once the print-run is sold-out. A new edition of Car Wars is coming out in 2017, more will be announced at BGG.CON 2016.

London Dread is a real-time 12 min games with an app that has a cool clock design in a murder-mystery setting.

Although I was really expecting a lot of news and hype around Bloodborne: The Card Game, the overview done by CMON at the BGG booth was not really convincing to present this new 3-5 players card game from Eric Lang. Let’s keep an eye out for upcoming reviews though.

Let’s close on the cardhalla tradition (learn more) with a picture of the 2016 version:


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