Building Blocks with La Boca

We all loved playing with building blocks as kids, but La Boca, by Z-Man Games (Filosofia in Europe for the French version) or KOSMOS, reintroduces the fun of building blocks in a creative and challenging game that is great for casual gamers of any age. In the game, players create colorful structures resembling the brightly painted houses in La Boca, a neighborhood in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

La Boca features semi – cooperative gameplay in which players work together with different partners throughout the game, yet score points individual ly to determine a winner. In each round, partners sit across from each other, working as quickly as possible to arrange eleven wooden blocks of various shapes and sizes into a specific three-dimensional structure.


The structure is depicted two-dimensionally on cards that represent a different view for each player. Players may not look at the opposite side of the card, but instead must communicate with each other to build a structure that matches both players’ views. What makes the game especially challenging is that all of the blocks must be used, and many of the structures require one or more pieces to be hidden from view, all while fitting within a four-by- four playing grid. Points are scored for the speed with which a structure is correctly constructed.

Each player is partnered with all other players a certain number of times, then the player with the most points wins the game. La Boca is a fascinating, fun, and surprisingly challenging game that stretches spacial reasoning and dexterity skills  like perhaps no other game. By partnering up all players for an equal number of rounds, i t balances out different ski l l levels, making i t a great opt ion for a wide range of players.


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