ICE COOL Tournament Details

Join us tomorrow night for the ICE COOL Tournament organized in collaboration with the French boardgames distributor ATALIA who’s kindly sponsoring the event of tomorrow night April 19 at Outpost Gamecenter in Brussels ! I received them all and they are waiting for you to pick !

Sign up for this free tournament to get a chance to win a gamebox (for the 1st position) and a custom made trophy. Have a close-up look below !


To make this tournament interesting, please find hereby the rules specifications for tomorrow.

  • We’ll play with full tables of 4 players.  The game plays in 4 rounds where each player will be playing the surpervisor for 1 round.
  • You win one fish card per door that you pass. If you’re stuck in the middle of a door; it does NOT count as you’ve passed that door. The points on the card have no value – it’s the total of fish cards that you accumulate that will count.
  • As soon as a player collected his 3 fishes or the supervisor captures all identity card from the 3 other players; the game stops.
  • A player should only touch his penguin on his turn. Any contact with his pengiun is therefore also considered as a flicking = your game turn. The ONLY exception is when you are placing your penguin back on the red line in order to play with it.
  • Before playing your turn, it is advised to name your penguin color – ensuring you’re playing with your correct penguin.
  • If a player (student) is touching the supervisor during his flicking = it does count as the supervisor capturing the student and receiving his identity card.
  • If a penguin leaves the board, all what was done before (getting a fish, touching a student or be caught) will be validated. After a jump outside the gaming box, you replace your penguin on the red starting dot and your turn is over.


Hope to see you all tomorrow in top shape for some crazy flicking of penguins ! Would you need a short explanation on the game, please have a look at the Watch It Played video. Rules of the base game can be found here.  They are short and easy to read, check them out ! Big thanks to Atalia Jeux. Check out their Facebook for great new games.



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