Learning Bench 2017-08-28


  • This week is shared between reading and looking at a few videos. I’m still structuring my dropbox “painting folder” which is in fact a documentation archive with all the material I’ve found useful to educate myself to the painting hobby.
  • I’ve registered myself as Patreon on Ghool’s World as I believe he’s producing qualitative video content. He has lots of videos already published on Youtube but if you’re $5 Patreon you can also enjoy his live stream 3 hours video every month and if you’re in for a $10 Patreon support, you can even have a weekly 2 hours live stream. This is a great opportunity to sit & paint at the same time with him – getting into a painting cadence can help you move ahead. Disclaimer: I am not affiliated in any way with Ghool or Patreon  – just I found it a useful resource to share.
  • Since a few months, I’m hosting “painting sessions” at home. I have a gaming room with a table that fits up to 5-6 people comfortably and enough painting gear to share (although most of the guys showing up have their brushes and basic paint pots). It helps me growing the painting hobby in my little group and at the same time push myself to paint a bit more. I’ve been kind of an improvised teacher for the beginners in the group, explaining them (at my level) the basics of the hobby. Next session will be on Wednesday 30th and I’m looking forward!
  • Starting September, I’ll have a new teacher. Remi from Salaise Figurine Studio (discover his work on Putty & Paint) will give me a monthly 45 min course and offline follow-up on my progress. To kick this off, I need to build my painting plan and share it back to him asap.
  • This comes in addition to my painting classes from Dr Faust painting clinic that I’ll be also starting in September. (Re-)Discover his well-known Youtube channel.



  • How to do realistic mud on miniatures (FR) from Salaise Figurine Studio catch my eyes as I was surfing around his website to discover more about my future teacher. Usually those guides are explained with vehicules or bigger mini’s, but here it’s done on Space Marines (Games Workshop), and he’s using something I don’t have yet in my toolbox; the effects series from Mig Jimenez. If you want more Space Marines pimping, look at his guide for putting decals on miniatures (FR).
  • After finishing the reading of my latest book Figotopia from Jeremy T I started surfing on the web looking for articles on the color theory. Here some interesting ones I’ve picked up for you:

There’s a lot of theory about the relationship between emotions and colors – in psychology – applicable to some extend also to the painting world. Here’s an interesting color wheel that I would refer to and use when I want to express what type of colors I’m looking for. This will be a description tool.




  • I’ve been going through the video section of Figurines-TV this week. Specifically over the interviews section with items dated mainly in 2013, but some still relevant to watch.
  • How Massive Voodoo came to life is explained by Roman (Mr Lappat) and Raffaelle (Mr Picca) and a few considerations about the painting hobby.
  • A short video interview from Mohand on Daily Motion –  in French – who’s been working on the project EDEN, mainly known in the French community. He’s explaining the choices made on the style of miniatures and how they worked on their kickstarter campaign in 2013.
  • I found 2 short (like 4-5 min) quick tips videos from miniwargaming on painting the eyes of animals and leather on a cloak . MiniWargaming has also a website Vault Section where you can find battle reports, guides and tutorials for games such as Warhammer, Infinity, Hordes, Warmachine, … and a ton of painting videos.  As I’m not (yet?) into those, I haven’t subscribed and will continue looking at the other quick tips video they’ve produced for free.

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