Learning Bench 2017-10-02


  • There is a new range of acrylic paints available from www.secretweaponminiatures.com .
  • I’ve ordered the 3M 6002 Kit which is a semi-mask to protect myself when I’m using the airbrush. I’ve realized that a shitload of paint particles is blowing in the air when I’m brushing even with the paint station. I’ll let you know in a few weeks how useful and reliable this is to work with.
  • I subscribed to the mini-crate surprise from privateer press; so I should receive a surprise miniature every month ! Let’s give it a try and see how the mini’s are looking.


  • Not yet for my level, but I read already this well-explained article about Object Source Lightning on HCO.
  • I happen to read this excellent article about additives to paint for a second time! The various additives types you are likely to use are the following:
    • Matte Medium
    • Acrylic Flow Release
    • Metal Medium
    • Glaze Medium
  • I’ve read through the review of Gorgon from Aradia Miniatures


  • A recent tutorial from The Terrain Tutor on how to make scorched woods (damaged woodlands). I am looking at this for one of my soon to come Esteren RP campaign setting.
  • Kenny Boucher explains what to use for washes versus glazes and what’s the dofference.
  • A product review from Red Grass Games wet palette done by Dr Faust.
  • A had a background listening to the yearly Privateer Press keynote published in July 2017.
  • I was looking for best practices on how to paint my Royal Guards from Imperial Assault and found this video from Dr Faust useful.
  • I watched an easy tutorial about painting green feathers for your monsters or other “pets” of your army from Victor Ques. Going through his channel, I enjoyed watching his tips & tricks about washes. Other good guide from HCO on washes.


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