Batman Kickstarter Tour from Monolith

The company behind the massively successful Conan Miniatures Board Game, Monolith Edition (Website Facebook Twitter), will show us a sneak preview of their upcoming Batman Miniatures Board Game .

With the tremendous support of Gilles Plantin we will have 2 exclusive demo nights scheduled for you on January 17 and February 7th. Registration is free but mandatory per email:

We have wonderful announcement flyers for this announcement designed by Léna Bombyx, have a look below!

The plans right now are for a Kickstarter launch in February of 2018. Monolith Edition means to primarily handle sales through the Kickstarter and directly through their company, so Bat fans should start saving their pennies now to get in on this action as you won’t find the game in shops.

The game will feel familiar to fans of the Conan game as they both use the same but improved engine . One player plays a criminal mastermind while the other players play Batman and his allies, such as Commissioner Gordon, Nightwing or even Cat Women anyone ?

Each player has a pool of action points they use to accomplish things like fighting, movement and interacting with things in the environment. Managing this action pool becomes a case of risk versus reward; is it better to spend all your action points on a big attack in the hopes of taking out an enemy or holding something back for defense in case you don’t knock out the bad guy. Expect tough gameplay choices to make with your buddies in this cooperative game. If you want to give it a try before the Kickstarter campaign, join us now for one of the two dates.

Frédéric Henry (did you know he’s actually also the designer of the Timeline games) has made some changes to the game, to make it fit into the DC Universe. “In the DC Universe, nobody ever dies,” said Frederic Henry of Monolith Edition, “so if you run out of energy crystals from damage you just have to spend some time recovering instead of being out of the game.” We start seeing already preview content such as the Heroes Boards video visible on Youtube which demonstrates the board ergonomy and features. The game has been inspired by the comic book, in particular those draw by Jim Lee, David Finch and Greg Capullo.

Fans should make sure they also join The Overlord community, where we talk about both Conan and the upcoming Batman. It has a wealth of information, files, scenarios and goodies maintained by the fans and Monolith team. For French speaking members, there is also a dedicated Batman Facebook Group. Finally, here’s also the BGG entry to follow.

Since the Cannes International Games Festival in February 2017, Monolith has been showing various prototypes on their booths in various exhibitions, prepare for this expected huge campaign next February 2018. Yes that’s right ! One year ahead – you imagine the time and energy spend to polish this game and … get players feedback & input on how to improve things (not to mention the learnings from both Conan and Mythic Battles that were both huge successes).

So then the question comes; how does the miniatures look like ? While we have already a pretty good idea of what Monolith is able to produce with Conan and Mythic Battles, we start seeing some sneak peaks of the models (obviously starting with the Batman miniature below).

You can imagine that Monolith has been working with some of the best people to create us amazing sculpts. One of them is Alex Nikolavitch who is currently working on Poison Ivy with her classic 1-pièce corset (digital sculptor: Edgar Skomorowski). You can preview the work of Xavier Fournier on this version of Robin (digital sculptor: Arnaud Boudoiron). You can expect many known sculptors to be part of the adventure. See more pictures on this Tric Trac forum post (or this one) and on The Overlord gallery here. Alright, because it’s you and you are interested if you read until here, a few extra miniatures painted just to raise thhttp://https// excitement.

While we’re talking about artists and design work, we also got a peak at some beautiful maps (keep in mind WIP versions) of an abandoned Subway station or the APEX Chemicals plant with toxic waste barrels.

We could rattle on about the upcoming content of the box but the best is still to join us in one of the 2 demo sessions to talk with the Monolith team and discover all the good stuff coming up in this already announced … epic … kickstarter !

In a nutshell, what has already been confirmed and you can expect in the final box is the following “good guys”: Batman, Nighwing, Catwoman, Red Hood, Gordon. The following “bad guys” will also have their place: Bane, Riddler, Clay Face, Scarecrow, Killer Croc.


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