Learning Bench 2018-10-15

September was a very very slow month for me with crazy working hours on the professional side, I didn’t spend much time painting and I am actually “off track” with my initial scheduled Weekly Planning. Here’s below a catch-up of the last week of September and 1st week of October.  I’ve been mainly busy assembling and gluing my fingers, euhm .. my new miniatures to put them in the vitrine for now and motivate me to paint them (eventually).

I will push out all my activity on Airbrush (testing my new H&S Ultra and H&S Evolution M airbrushes that I got from www.pk-pro.de) to November. Reason is that I already prepared my table-setup for the 20-21 October Painting workshop with Hutif and my airbrush stuff is currently stored in the garage.


We played a lot of SW Imperial Assault and Gloomhaven lately in the group; we’re lucky to have the SW IA painted miniatures from Riccardo to play with during our campaigns. Here’s a few snapshots of his work.


I received my brigde from Pegasus Hobbies and pretty surprised by the quality and the “clips” system that allows you to put it easily together (and dismantle it to store away !). This Technobridge is a scenery piece for use in all varieties of 28mm wargames but will be especially effective in historical wargames. That said, I plan to use it on my SW Legion table. This bridge is over 30 cm and so will be a huge part of the scenery in your battleground, you can use it as a place to take cover or as a…




Another “tips in an image” that I found useful to quickly identify the classic problems with your airbrushing. If you’re starting on airbrush – print it out next to your paint booth and regularly check it out when you’re in trouble.


Last discovery on Aliexpress this month is quality painting sets (I had mostly sets from Hobbyzone.pl until now), for about 19€ I can fit 120 doppler bottles in there: mounting is done with screws (about 20 min to assemble it together), but I do advise a bit of PVA wood glue for the middle section to hold better.



Again some selection of videos from Miniac because I just really like the explanations given in his vids ! . Here’s 3 of them that I watched in the last 2 weeks:

Competitive Miniature Painting Tips!


Summary of some key thoughts from the video:

  • Only paint things you’re exited about to paint – otherwise you will never finish your stuff. Ideally, put that against a goal such as: I want to play this miniature on my gaming table for X-Campaign starting on date X. By then, it should be painted.
  • It will take you longer to paint something to a certain level, than someone who has hundreds of hours. It’s okay, it will take you longer – just be ready for it.
  • You will hate how your stuff look .. at some point, you just need to continue painting and move on.
  • This is art – there is no “right or wrong”, learn ways that work for you and enjoy it. There is no rules !
  • Stop looking for the magical shortcut, because it doesn’t exist.


How to Highlight Almost Every Everything


How to Glaze


Nothing to declare this month, my 3D printer & spool is currently taking dust – I simply don’t have the time to get to it and have a huge backlog of things to print with on Top 1 position the “paint holders” for which Sven bought the .STL files. Shame on me!

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