Learning Bench 2018-11-19

A few pictures from Crisis 2018 below. I attended for the 1st time this year and it was an opportunity to discover a bit more about wargames and meet with a few shop-owners that you usually only talk to online.

Due to time limitations, I could only spend 3 hours at the event, but will definitively plan to stay the whole day next year: just don’t expect “super mega deals” out there, it’s more of regular prices (with some discounts), but at least you can see the products you’re buying, which is important for me as I’m usually buying my supplies online.


As I’m currently preparing the next “formation” with Atelier d’Hutif, I have been looking at a few websites/creators, often less known to the public; to buy some busts, “military” oriented for the purpose of the techniques we’ll cover. Here’s a random selection that I’ve found interesting:


Some of you asked about where I buy on AliExpress some resin models. Here’s a shortlist:


At Crisis 2018 I found a few good deals (5€ for 3 bottles of Reaper paint), but also some regular sales and the opportunity to meet with some online shop owners/employees like Felix from PK-Pro. I did not have yet any bottles from Reaper and will be happy to try them soon. Bottles are ready for use now !


Videos I’ve watched in the last 2 weeks below. Very interesting investigation done by Miniac on the “best primer”.


As you know, I have the entire collection of Arcadia Quest games. The latest Kickstarter from CMON gave us an “opportunity” (at a prohibitive cost ! but let’s leave this aside for now) to acquire Riders to add to our current game. Here’s a nice paiting tutorial from Watch It Paint It on how to paint Toshi.




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