Learning Bench 2018-12-17

Time for Good Year Resolution for 2019 ! Yes, I’m early, why not get a good head start in December to be able to actually plan out your pragmatic execution of the resolution(s) you’ll be making. Here it is for me:

Current collection on BGG shows I own a large “chunk” of those games are boardgames in a larger sense of the word (deckbuilding/hand management card games and/or resource management games) but mostly boardgames with miniatures.


I could trim down in the last 2 years my collection to 101 games. My aim for 2019 will be to be below the 80 games (including potential new games I would buy in the future). You also see a Preordered number of 10 that are mostly Kickstarters that still need to arrive.When I say “games”, per definition it means I also have all expansions available for a game – I don’t split it up on BGG which would give me headache (think Talisman with 15 expansions or Arkham Horror LCG with several “cycles”).

All 126 games for my kids (1 and 3 years old – mainly kids games for <5 years old) are considered excluded from my gaming library and flagged under “want to play”. Those do not hold miniatures (with very few exceptions) anyhow.

Investments in painting material sky-rocketed my budget in 2018, I plan to stabilize and resist the temptation to “buy more new products”. Same for the painting books (where I recently acquired about 6 new books still to read).

So looking at the miniatures boardgames that I should focus on in 2019 this gives me the following:

  • Arcadia Quest & Aracadia Quest Inferno : Aim to finish the AQ base-box + expansions in the 2019-2020 timeframe. I have only a few mini’s from AQ Inferno done today and will sporadically do one. By end of 2019, I wish the basebox + pet’s expansion will be completed.
  • Masmorra has about 15-20 miniatures that I did prime already in 2018. Will it make the cut in 2019 ? Honestly not sure at this point I would probably push it out to 2020 as I want to focus on AQ mentioned above.
  • Rising Sun has beautiful miniatures, but those are not for this year, unfortunately … that’s a big box (I pledged an “all in” on the Kickstarter) I don’t dare to open any time soon.
  • SW Imperial Assault and all its expansion are lacking behind, since about 2 years now ! Realistically, I won’t focus on this in 2019. Reason is that we play with Riccardo’s painted mini’s when we do a campaign – thus, it gives me some slack and no pressure to finish them off. I will keep the game to play it with my kids when they grow up, this gives me a couple of years to actually finish them off. Yah !
  • Gloomhaven miniatures are painted as we play through the campaign. Currently the 4 first characters are painted, as we discover new character boxes, we’ll paint them along. We agreed that each of the participants to the campaign is painting the mini he plays with, this offload me but also give the possibility to really personalize the gaming experience. I expect in 2019 to paint 1, 2 or 3 mini’s for this game as the campaign progress goes forward.
  • Conan is partially painted (about 20 mini’s out of the 300+ mini’s are painted); I have no pressure to paint those because no campaign is currently running on this game. I will try to keep it on my radar for 2020; in other words, it’s pushed out of 2019.
  • Mansions of Madness has a fairly reasonable amount of miniatures to be painted from the core box + all expansions. I will try to fit this on my 2019 schedule because I wish to launch some gaming sessions on this game. That said, it will be not be my first priority.
  • Dead Of Winter has some tokens I’ve already 3D printed and primed ! I should now finish those off in the 1st quarter of 2019; I need to get this out of the way. exactly the same applies to Colt Express 3D printed tokens.
  • Talisman and City of Thieves have both all the miniatures primed since about 3 years now and they are all still in drawers. Again a game that I wish to keep in my collection but won’t play any time soon. I’ll re-assess the situation of this game next year.
  • Thunderstone Quest has about 8 miniatures that I should definitively do in the first half of the 2019. It’s a “quick win” that I should be able to pull off.
  • SW Rebellion has more than 100’s of small vessels and troopers; not sure I will have the motivation to work on this – ideally it should be a paint-brush “batch” work on them. Maybe it could fit on the schedule for the 2nd half of 2019.
  • The 7th Continent has only a few tiny miniatures that I’ve already primed (basebox from the 1st KS while I wait for all expansions in the basebox of the 2nd KS still to be delivered by February 2019). I should also make a “quick win” out of those and finish them off. Ideally I still squeeze this into the 2018 end of year vacations.
  • Zombicide and the 3000 miniatures will have to wait one more year to be looked at, currently taking dust into one of those big 150XL Feldherr boxes, not to mention all the battlesystems decors that I need to assemble. Certainly a game I will keep and eventually play, just not this year around.
  • Utopia is one of those old Matagot editions that no “new to the hobby” boardgamer has heard off, although I do love the game mechanics, and it’s only buildings to paint, which I already primed, that might be on the table for some late night airbrush activity while watching a movie. This is a fabulous game as such, and certainly deserves a paint-job at some point in time (I even have 2 copies of the game – used to have 5 copies when I was demo’ing it at our monthly meetups).
  • League of Legends is still in shrinkwrap .. but oh buy the mini’s are already pre-painted aren’t they ? Cool that was an easy “won” on my painting list 🙂
  • The Others (another “all-in” from Kickstarter) as a nice gameplay and would like to see more table-time, but probably not focused on this year. It could become a focus on 2021 (yes yes in 2 years from now ! what do you mean I plan to far ahead ?). Reality check: I like the game but won’t put it on the table enough. It was sold 2 weeks ago and off my list !
  • SW Legion will get my full attention in 2019 with some work on all the miniatures (2 core boxes + all the expansions) and all sorts of decors/terrains that I have to paint for this game. It goes even beyond “painting”, but also 3D printing, assembling and creating from scratch sometimes. That should really keep me busy at least for the 6 coming months. In parallel, I really want to get this game onto the table at least 2-3 times a month going forward.
  • Blood Rage is high on my painting list, I love the miniatures and the game, but might have to focus on this in 2020 or even 2021. I eventually kickstarted the CMON KS for the digital version to get the exclusive miniatures.
  • Flash Point is having cute fireman/woman miniatures that my friend Sven is already busy painting ! I would probably like to catch up on this one and initiate some paint job on those by January 2019.
  • Grimm Forest has great miniatures and I might just be able to get it on the table when my daughter is turning 5 (in 2020), this gives me flexibility to push it out to 2020.
  • Lords of Hellas first wave was received a while back. I have primed the buildings but still need to do some “cleanup” work on the miniatures before thinking about painting them. That’s a game that will have all the expansions delivered somewhere in the course of 2019 (hopefully ?! already pushed back 3x times), so this one will move onto the 2020 painting plan.

Schedule Next steps:

Prepare a detailed (per miniature) painting plan that will require some basic preparation work: understanding which level of painting I want to execute on my games (TableTop or TableTop + basically, as I don’t think my level is currently that much higher).

On the plan output, really challenge each deadline and add required buffers. I’m always overdue on my painting and should do a better job at nailing down how many hours a week I can deliver mapped against the amount of miniatures to paint.

I’ve been sharing since end of August a (more or less) weekly plan on the Hobby Painting Brussels Facebook group which was a personal motivation factor and would reiterate the experience in 2019. I just need to be more consistent in the way of doing this. It should not take more than 10 min a week to provide an update on the blog/Facebook.

Special Mentions:

Additionally to all of the above, I’m looking at specifically developing the game Briskars from TGCM Creation and currently prepping a proposal for the designer/publisher of this game to translate the content (into several languages), offering some demo work at conventions/etc. and establishing a community in the Brussels area. More to come as soon as this gets more concrete.

A few weeks back, I also got the request from Games Workshop to support them into demo’ing their products in the Brussels Area. I’m currently in contact with their “new business” account manager and working on a proposal to kick off some activity in the brand new Kings & Queens boardgames café downtown.

There are interesting miniature holders on the website https://gameenvy.net and various painting accessories on https://www.ramstag-store.com/online-store. Yes Christmas is near 🙂 .

For my figone.fr Hakar figure, I have to apply a varnish layer on top of my basecoat work done with Com-Arts airbrush. Before applying it, I wanted to check out how well this product works and this video from Vince Venturella is pretty similar to my experience.

The Ultra Matt varnish from AK Interactive is really amazing. Easy to apply out of the bottle, no drops or residue, and relatively easy to clean your airbrush afterwards. I highly advise it and stocked up on Black Friday with 10 bottles 🙂 .

I continue the work on Hakar with Hutif in my private courses and will in another update be able to provide you withe the steps taken to do the highlights, leather, backpack details and so on. I was looking at the products to use for the base: I’m looking at something related to water/snow and found a very short 1 min video on the Liquitex Glass Beads explanation that’s worth watching.


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