Learning Bench 2019-03-29

I’m preparing the next Painting Workshop with Hutif (Atelier d’Hutif) scheduled for May 18-19. It will be a 15 hours airbrush focused training. You can find the “participants guide” I’ve created. We’ll be painting a nice piece from Games Workshop: Reikenor .


Don’t forget to mark your agenda for the Belgian Scale Modellers Convention on June 1-2. There will be a demo at 11H00 from Sergiusz Pęczek and one at 13H30 from Calvin Tan.  Maybe we could plan a “group trip” if anyone from @Hobby Painting  Brussels is interested ?

I bought some paint/cup holder  and brush holders from Bandua Wargames since I was looking to optimise my desk space. After some usage, I confirm it’s nice to be able to select your paints from your paint rack and have them neately stored next to you.


I discovered 2 new hobby forums that are worth spending some time on ! The first one is called Modelers Alliance where you will find quite some “old” topics (meaning from 2015 and earlier), but still some activity. Nonetheless, the content is good and gives another perspective on the hobby (= usual websites for fantasy/miniatures); especially they have segmented the forum with a category called “The Masters” with known names of the hobby.

The second one is called Timelinesforum which has a very large variety of sub-forums from sculpting to reviews or even business considerations. For example this thread talking about backgrounds on miniatures display.



Talking about GSW, I mentioned before the use of the Chameleon Paint-Sets that I really enjoy (applied with the airbrush – did not try them out with a brush). There is another brand doing this type of paint called Turbo Dork, distributed in the USA (not sure we have vendors here in Europe to provide them to us). You can still buy them from their Shopify website, but might get caught up on import duties because they do not take care of tax declaration in any way.


In the March newsletter of AK Interactive (PDF here) is releasing 37 semi-grease waterpencils positioned as “great weathering” addition to your toolset. At 1€/piece it’s a competitive price (other online websites such as Geants Des Beaux Arts will take you down for 1,15€/piece for their “cheapest ones”). You’ll find a full PDF explanation on how they are used.

I already use those type of pencils for white edge-highlights and find it handy. I will most likely wait for a summer promotion before I buy them (no actual need at the moment); but looking forward to eventually try them out.

For those playing Gloomhaven or other dungeon crawlers, you probably heard about Hirst Arts before. They provide molds of all types & shapes allowing you to build dungeon (walls, doors, …). Only problem was the oversees shipping & taxes – but I stumbled across a Facebook post where someone shared a link to a German webshop called Miniaturicum where you can actually order the molds (and a lot of other stuff too).

Last discovery for this month is the “Foldio” lightbox that is a foldable easy to put together box from Orangemonkie. Below an image, you have the option to add “leds” to the box. The shipping costs put me off at the moment, but if I can split the cost with others or find it available in one of the European (online) shops, I would probably buy it.


How to paint black on a Primaris with a brush and only a few colors. Quick and well-explained. I don’t like Citadel colors but do use often Dark Reaper when I want to paint black Basecoats or Layers.



Another one in French (sorry!) about different types of masking tapes, visually you can see how it’s used. Pretty interesting video understanding what is available out there; I will definitively try to put my hand on some of that “putty” used for masking.

An interesting test done on the Green Stuff World (GSW) resin and mold material available on their website. It’s in French but you can fast-forward and see the end-result.



I found some 3D printable terrains on Makerfun3d for a change from the usual go-to places. Meanwhile I finished off my spool with the paint holders to be used in upcoming painting workshops.


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