Learning Bench 2019-04-22


Taking some time to look at the winners of the CMON Crystal brush competition is always inspiring and a good learning; evaluate the color schemes, the shadows and highlights but also the overall harmony in composition of the 2019 contest.

April was a very slow month with some vacations with the kids, not much was learned, watched, read or done. I did play around a little bit with the aerocolor inks and they are truly matching my style of painting, I think I found my go-to solution for bright shiny vibrant colors.

For those who plan to go to SMC 2019, the workshop registrations are open. I plan a heavy schedule of full day (2 workshops) on Saturday and one on Sunday:

  • 10:30-15:30 Andy Wardle – Brush skills class – Class room 18
  • 15:45-18:45 Kirill Kanaev – Painting German WWII Camouflage  – Class room 19
  • 10:30-13:00 Gerard Boom – Structures from Styrodur – Meierij foyer

KirillKirill takes us through his way of painting German WWII camouflage patterns in a realistic way on a large scale bust.

Gerard Boom conducts workshops with his company Shifting Lands all over Europe and learns how you can produce buildinigs, terrain and constructions from styrodur (light weight foam) with tips, tricks and nifty too

Andy just won the Bronze Crystal Brush with the below miniature. Andy Wardle from the United Kingdom will teach us all about brush techniques and dilutions of your paints in this workshop.

Discovered a very nice red/blue values mix on this miniature. Also interesting to see how it is mixed up with a darker skintone.

Huron Warrior
Scale: 54 mm
Sculptor: Antonio Zapatero
Painter: Maurizio Berselli
Material: Resin

We have a few beginners on airbrush in our hobby painting group and for them I share the Florymodels website that has starter tutorials. No other watching this month.

With the change of filament spool, I tested the print out of a troll. There are 2 of them, I oversized by 180% this one below to try the quality. About 9,5 hours later, the base warped a little bit, but still have it done in one piece of 12cm tall on a 10cm wide base.


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