Learning Bench 2019-07-22

Somehow the post didn’t show up properly, so I’ve just republished it with the content of the July month. Since I’m a month late because of the slow-down during the Summer period, I’ve also included the August update into the same post.

I’ve been preparing the next Hobby Painting Workshop for the last WE of September; working with Niko Deze (Little Demon Studio) on the details and publish the “guide du participant”. All spots are taken.


The new August AK Catalogue is show-casing a new book about buildings for diorama’s. Usual price-range of roughly 10€ seems to be a good buy to have in your collection.

The reference website Figure Mentors has a few new articles on a “closer look” at the Figure Modelling magazine.

If you look for historical references about the 1900-1950 period, specifically Napoléon, you’ll find some PDF magazines freely available on Napoleon online. While the website is in German you will find Le Passepoil in French. Here’s the index.

The CoP project has currently 4 published magazines with some tutorials in French freely available. I’ll keep an eye open on how it develops further.


I discovered a new paint brand; the Pro Acryl range is relatively new on the scene, they are lauded for having really dense pigment, ensuring great colour coverage in just a few layers.

Best Paints for Miniatures & Wargames Models - Creature Caster Pro AcrylEven though they are quite pigment heavy, they still thin very nicely and work great with brushes or airbrushes alike. Due to their properties, they are an excellent choice for blending and dry with a matte finish.The entire range is acrylic based and currently consist of 24 colours & 5 metallics. These paints come in 17ml dropper bottles with a unique twist cap lid which prevents all clogging. You can buy the whole set or individual colours, direct from the Creature Caster’s online shop. Creature Caster is a US based company so there are some slightly heavier shipping costs outside of this region.

A bit of Star Wars: X-Wing and Star Wars: Armada for painters; make sure you check out returning artist Madeline Cockrell of LightCraft Miniature Studios . LightCraft has rapidly gained renown and a strong following for repainting and modifying ships from X-Wing the Miniatures Game. After falling in love with X-Wing TMG, she began to experiment with repainting Star Wars miniatures.

In translating her experience with acrylic and oil painting to miniature painting, she developed multiple unique methods for creating striking and realistic models. She has achieved notoriety in the X-Wing community for her WWII style nose-art, impeccable attention to detail and creative paint schemes.

Since I closed down most of my Patreon supports, I haven’t been watching as much videos as before, but there are 2-3 videos that I’ve flagged this month as interesting to view. See below.

Banda Inku continues to publish his painting series on Rising Sun with episode 13 – Turtle Clan Shinto.

There is a shitload of videos about the GW Contrast paints out there, I have enjoyed the feedback from Miniac on them which confirm why personally I will not buy them for now.

Kujo Paiting made an “easy to painting faces” tutorial that is detailed enough to get all the basics to do Tabletop quality faces for your miniatures.


With a tight budget for the hobby in the last months, I had to put “on hold” anything related to 3D Printing. Remember that my Printer Head got somehow stuck and even though I’ve dismantled and cleaned everything, it still not extruding anything. Most likely, I could actually spend more time fixing it – but time is what I lack off right now, so eventually I decided to go ahead and just by a new one when I have some money.

My Up Mini 2 printer is taking dust in a corner of my gaming room since then … but not for long anymore ! I’ve ordered a new printer head (the full head) on Machines-3D, a French website where I previously ordered some accessories for my printer and some 3DLAC and filaments.

There was a promo on their own ABS filament brand (I only print in ABS), so I took also 3 spools to try them out. With 5%AVECCULTS I could also save 11,25€ which basically pays me the shipping of the products. I will give you news once the new head is installed.

All is installed and working ! Yah Baby, Pink spool there you go …


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