Learning Bench 2019-10-30

The September workshop with Niko Dézé from Little Demon Studio is behind us. We were 7 participants working on the Capt’n Sapo bust from Allan Carrasco available at figone.fr. What can I tell ? Great teaching, super friendly atmosphere and excellent skills where present. All participants felt it enriched their painting experience and enrich their skills. A few pictures below to show you how it went. Join the Hobby Painting Brussels group on Facebook to see all pic’s and share your painting experience with the community.

The PaintQuest Website is an initiative to track your painting process through an adventure with some leveling and ingame “rewards”. It can motivate you to continue painting. Created by colorfulminis.com it’s available in French.

I used this beginner tutorial on how to paint chibi eyes available on the Brush Wizard website. For another miniature, I referenced back to the freehand tutorial from Marc Mussat that was easy to follow and helped me out on basic steps.

You will find on Tangible Day a very good article by Andrew on the usage of varnish.

I was testing out a few green colors from AK Interactive last week; I am impressed by how matt the finish look is compared to other paints like Scale75 also known to be matt.


The Euro Scale Modelling exhibition will take place on November 23rd. It is the IPMS Nederland that will organise the 31st edition of Euro Scale Modelling. Spread over three Halls, it is one of the largest plastic modelling event on the European continent that will offer:
• 160 national and international exhibitors presenting everything of interest to scale modellers, such as books, model kits, dioramas, airbrush sets, paints, tools and accessories;
• Our renowned plastic modelling competition with hundreds of models in all categories
• IPMS Regional Chapters, Special Interest Groups and Clubs who will present themselves
• Leading publishers and modellers of cardboard models

It’s almost Christmas! Well not just yet, but you’ll find already small decorations on various websites that can be used for your decors on gaming tables. Small selection from the brand Lemax over here:

We all know about the “usual go-to painting brands” like Citadel, Army Painter or Vallejo. Did you know there is much more to explore out there ? Here’s a selection of other brands found on Fauxhammer you might want to give it a try:


From time to time I need my shot of American “Take it easy ! Do it easy” pep. talk from Kenny Boucher, whenever I watch his videos, I am not impressed by the quality of his painting (good level for sure, but here’s not the point) more than his vocal verbiage about how “secretely easy”, fun, “low stress” and give you self-gratification about painting models. Just some positive energy passing through !


Finally Vince Venturella made a full review of contrast paints from Citadel. About 2 hours of explanation and application of the range. Highlights:

  • Composition has a lot of “flow improver” medium and therefore doesn’t mix with water very well
  • Some colors are very opaque while others are very transparent. You should learn/know the colors
  • Apply with a larger brush, even application
  • Accumulation in the recesses can occur, check the drying phase for “pools”
  • Not all Contrasts are useful, don’t buy the whole range but pick your colors.

I very much like the approach of Mike from Epic Duck Studio where he compares contrasts to the Citadel Range, and some of the old glazes which I still have in stock. Gives you a clear idea on what to pick or not !




Not much printing done in the last 2 weeks be ause I was very busy preparing the Painting Workshop. That doesn’t mean I was not looking around to find new .stl files to add to my painting queue. You should theck the following Patreons:

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