Weekly Planning 2018-09-17

Week over week I share with you my paining activities. It's a very "simple" paper format found on AliExpress. I walked away from the complex project management planning charts (Gantt Charts or Work Breakdown Structures - WBS), realizing that for the hobby it's not only overkill but time-consuming to maintain and update. Key learning 1:... Continue Reading →


6ème Exposition de maquettisme

Les Caméléons de Ransart (Belgique) organisent tous les samedis des soirées pour les maquettistes du coin, mais également une exposition annuelle à Fleurus prêt de Charleroi le 17 et 18 Novembre 2018. Chouette initiative pour découvrir ce qu'ils font pendant l'année te faire de nouvelles rencontres.

Pathfinder ACG Linear Board Revisited

  What It Does: - Provides a themed "map" to traverse - Increases tactical strategy and varies difficulty - Randomizes each scenario to a small degree, maintaining the integrity of the theme while making each play-through unique - Completely out of the box: No new cards or pieces to deal with, unless desired (I use... Continue Reading →

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