Learning Bench 2017-10-16

WHAT'S HOT Here's some tips to apply to ensure proper use and care of your valuable expensive painting brushes: 1. Don't Dip! I think probably the most common mistake people make, and the easiest to remedy, is using your best painting brush to get paint from the pot: don't dip! The reason for this is... Continue Reading →


Learning Bench 2017-10-09

WHAT'S HOT Some interesting online shops for accessories for your miniatures such as decals, led lights and stencils on fallout hobbies. Decals and stencils for airbrush work available (some for free) on AirSick. I received my 3M 6002 mask for my airbrush painting sessions. Happy about it, it's comfortable on the head, and I can... Continue Reading →

Learning Bench 2017-10-02

WHAT'S HOT There is a new range of acrylic paints available from http://www.secretweaponminiatures.com . I've ordered the 3M 6002 Kit which is a semi-mask to protect myself when I'm using the airbrush. I've realized that a shitload of paint particles is blowing in the air when I'm brushing even with the paint station. I'll let... Continue Reading →

General Painting Tips

  With the start of my courses with Doctor Faust Painting Clinic (Youtube channel and Patreon), I've started looking at all what he's been publishing on social media. A very interesting page stored on the Brookhurst Hobbies website is full of tips worthwhile to remember ! Below a shameless copy/past (useful in case the initial... Continue Reading →

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