Gencon 2017 releases worth to mention

I don't own any of the "Tiny" series out there (and there are quite a bunch) but this one might just make it into my collection because the theme reminds me of the Legend of Zelda series and this seems to be an homage to those games. Tiny Epic Quest is a dice rolling, grid... Continue Reading →

Games Talks: Measuring Convention Attendance

I stumbled on a very interesting article from Gil Hova on his blog Formal Ferret Games. He is talking about how statistics for conventions come to live and are interpreted.  Original on the link, here is the copy/paste for easier reading:   Anyone who follows the board game convention scene knows that there’s two ways... Continue Reading →

GenCon 2016 News

I've been reading and listening to various updates in the last couple of days about GenCon 2016. Reports, reviews and latest news (sometimes exclusive!) has been shared now around the web from which I've picked up a few interesting points. Hereby a summary: Games such as Cry Havoc (big release for Portal Games), Beyond Backers... Continue Reading →

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