Learning Bench 2019-01-21

End of December I took a big step forward with my registration to the Banshee Miniature Academy on Patreon. Alfonso « Banshee » Giraldes and his team will coach me on a monthly basis going forward. Discover more about Banshee in an interview with Volomir. How is this a big step ? Aside of the... Continue Reading →


Learning Bench 2018-12-17

Time for Good Year Resolution for 2019 ! Yes, I'm early, why not get a good head start in December to be able to actually plan out your pragmatic execution of the resolution(s) you'll be making. Here it is for me: Current collection on BGG shows I own a large "chunk" of those games are... Continue Reading →

Learning Bench 2018-07-25

I downloaded the latest Morathi Painting Masterclass guide from Gareth Nicholas (see his CMON gallery and Putty & Paint gallery) and discovered loads of useful tips. Here is a copy of an article from Robert Leyland (2009). It is republished almost verbatim - minus the design of the original page - because the original document... Continue Reading →

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