Next Monthly Event: 6 April

Our Next Monthly Event is announced on 6 April 2016. Join our Meetup Group to discover more. As always, it's all free, fun & bananas !


Flamingo adventure begins

The building is huge ... spacious and just perfect for gaming nights ! Yes, we are moving in on Tuesday's at the well-known bar called Flamingo in Brussels. It's location (see Google Maps) makes it easy for both public transport as well as car access. Admittedly, yes we're still in the city and you might... Continue Reading →

Next week: Metropolys Tournament

We're hosting next Thursday 17th of April a special Metropolys Tournament with a few boxes from the members. It will follow the well-known "Swiss system" for the ranking of players.   What is Metropolys all about ? The game version we're playing is edited by Ystari. In this game, the  players are urban planners in... Continue Reading →

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