Pathfinder ACG Linear Board Revisited

  What It Does: - Provides a themed "map" to traverse - Increases tactical strategy and varies difficulty - Randomizes each scenario to a small degree, maintaining the integrity of the theme while making each play-through unique - Completely out of the box: No new cards or pieces to deal with, unless desired (I use... Continue Reading →

What Pathfinder is about ?

  After posting the prologue/epilogue news, I've received several people You can’t think of Pathfinder the same way you think of your other boardgames. It’s not a box of stored pieces, stored in some neutral pre-game state of tabula rasa until your next session. Playing means changing the way the cards are organized as characters... Continue Reading →

Pathfinder ACG prologues & epilogues

I've been looking to launch some Pathfinder Adventure Card Game sessions within our Boardgaming group. Lack of time & energy last year, it has been slipping through up to now. It also requires quite some investment in material (dices & boxes) to get this rolling with 12+ players. I finally gathered all what is needed,... Continue Reading →

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