Pathfinder ACG Linear Board Revisited

  What It Does: - Provides a themed "map" to traverse - Increases tactical strategy and varies difficulty - Randomizes each scenario to a small degree, maintaining the integrity of the theme while making each play-through unique - Completely out of the box: No new cards or pieces to deal with, unless desired (I use... Continue Reading →


What Pathfinder is about ?

  After posting the prologue/epilogue news, I've received several people You can’t think of Pathfinder the same way you think of your other boardgames. It’s not a box of stored pieces, stored in some neutral pre-game state of tabula rasa until your next session. Playing means changing the way the cards are organized as characters... Continue Reading →

Pathfinder ACG prologues & epilogues

I've been looking to launch some Pathfinder Adventure Card Game sessions within our Boardgaming group. Lack of time & energy last year, it has been slipping through up to now. It also requires quite some investment in material (dices & boxes) to get this rolling with 12+ players. I finally gathered all what is needed,... Continue Reading →

PACG: Custom Base Decks

Together with our core team of adventurers (Cindy, David, Filip, PG), we're just making our way out of the introduction campaign called "Perils Of Lost Coast" of the Rise Of The Runelords base-set from Paizo. We quickly realized that the suggested decks in the rulebook are not the most optimal. Should we built custom started... Continue Reading →

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