Learning Bench 2019-07-22

Somehow the post didn't show up properly, so I've just republished it with the content of the July month. Since I'm a month late because of the slow-down during the Summer period, I've also included the August update into the same post. I've been preparing the next Hobby Painting Workshop for the last WE of... Continue Reading →


Learning Bench 2019-06-24

Let's talk about the "drybrushing" technique, loved by some and hated by others. Some painters even do not consider it as a "real/valid painting technique" (Yes ! I assure you). Depending on how much paint you have loaded on the brush and how much pressure you put on the surface you can achieve any effect... Continue Reading →

Learning Bench 2019-03-29

I'm preparing the next Painting Workshop with Hutif (Atelier d'Hutif) scheduled for May 18-19. It will be a 15 hours airbrush focused training. You can find the "participants guide" I've created. We'll be painting a nice piece from Games Workshop: Reikenor .   Don't forget to mark your agenda for the Belgian Scale Modellers Convention... Continue Reading →

Learning Bench 2019-02-25

  We had the first WE of February a painting workshop with Nicolas Dekaise ("Niko Deze") from Little Demon Studio (Facebook page). We worked on some Games Workshop miniatures and the explanations from Niko gave me a total new understanding of what's written in the first pages of the Figopedia book from Jérémie Bonament Teboul.... Continue Reading →

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