Learning Bench 2019-09-23

Using the Wrong Brush for the Wrong JobIf you use Citadel brushes then you’ll know that they have brushed categorized, like base, layer, artificer, glaze, etc. The categories tell you exactly what the brush is for and that’s exactly what you should be using those brushes for. You don’t have to use Citadel brushes to... Continue Reading →


Learning Bench 2019-07-22

Somehow the post didn't show up properly, so I've just republished it with the content of the July month. Since I'm a month late because of the slow-down during the Summer period, I've also included the August update into the same post. I've been preparing the next Hobby Painting Workshop for the last WE of... Continue Reading →

Learning Bench 2019-03-29

I'm preparing the next Painting Workshop with Hutif (Atelier d'Hutif) scheduled for May 18-19. It will be a 15 hours airbrush focused training. You can find the "participants guide" I've created. We'll be painting a nice piece from Games Workshop: Reikenor .   Don't forget to mark your agenda for the Belgian Scale Modellers Convention... Continue Reading →

Learning Bench 2019-02-25

  We had the first WE of February a painting workshop with Nicolas Dekaise ("Niko Deze") from Little Demon Studio (Facebook page). We worked on some Games Workshop miniatures and the explanations from Niko gave me a total new understanding of what's written in the first pages of the Figopedia book from Jérémie Bonament Teboul.... Continue Reading →

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