Learning Bench 2020-04-16

A month back, I received my latest order from Green Stuff World: a few bottles of paint to complete my range; some amazing Airbrush Thinner that really does miracles (I highly recommend it) and a metallic rank to store the paints. about the rack, after a month of usage here's my mixed feedback: it's great... Continue Reading →

Learning Bench 2020-03-20

With the workshop of February; I had to put straight some swords from Qui Li Quin which was done in 15 min with hot water and then plunged into ice cold water to "fix" the desired shape, as they had to be straight I used some flat twizzers. I saw some of the swords getting... Continue Reading →

Learning Bench 2019-11-20

I am in love with the aero-colors’ range from Schmincke; they are excellent for an airbrush usage. You should read the article published on Jacksonart.com . While you are on that webpage, discover also the story behind the Ultramarine blue color. Here's an extract: Golden’s first acrylic range, introduced in the 1980s was their heavy body... Continue Reading →

Learning Bench 2019-10-30

The September workshop with Niko Dézé from Little Demon Studio is behind us. We were 7 participants working on the Capt’n Sapo bust from Allan Carrasco available at figone.fr. What can I tell ? Great teaching, super friendly atmosphere and excellent skills where present. All participants felt it enriched their painting experience and enrich their... Continue Reading →

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