Azul Tournament

Last Saturday we had our first AZUL Tournament in collaboration with Outpost Brussels.Tony who is part of the organizers took the lead to organize with the help of a few other organizers (François, Dominique - thanks !) some warmup sessions followed by the actual tournament on Saturday 14 April 2018. Azul is being played a... Continue Reading →

Spiel 2017 Nominations

For those who would not have read it on internet yet. Here's the usual yearly post:   Spiel des Jahres Nominees: Kingdomino by Bruno Cathala from Blue Orange and Pegasus Magic Maze by Kasper Lapp from Pegasus and Sit Down! Wettlauf nach El Dorado by Reiner Knizia from Ravensburger SdJ Recommended: Deja Vu by Heinz... Continue Reading →

Graf Ludo 2013 Nominations

  Do you know about the German price for best boardgames graphics ? It's here all about layout of the game elements, colors, shapes and overall ergonomy. Yesterday they published the 6 nomination for 2013 - the winners will be announced on 4th October 2013 during the Exhibution Modell-hobby-spiel in Leipzig. Find below the details... Continue Reading →

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