Prepare your Spiel 2017

For those who plan to go to Spiel 2017 this year, the BGG preview list should help you identifying which games you really want to see. Better make your list and identify at which booth it's available so you don't loose time looking around once you're on the floor of the Messe. I had several... Continue Reading →

Spiel 2017 Nominations

For those who would not have read it on internet yet. Here's the usual yearly post:   Spiel des Jahres Nominees: Kingdomino by Bruno Cathala from Blue Orange and Pegasus Magic Maze by Kasper Lapp from Pegasus and Sit Down! Wettlauf nach El Dorado by Reiner Knizia from Ravensburger SdJ Recommended: Deja Vu by Heinz... Continue Reading →

Games Talks: Measuring Convention Attendance

I stumbled on a very interesting article from Gil Hova on his blog Formal Ferret Games. He is talking about how statistics for conventions come to live and are interpreted.  Original on the link, here is the copy/paste for easier reading:   Anyone who follows the board game convention scene knows that there’s two ways... Continue Reading →

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