Learning Bench 2020-08-16

With the COVID19 situation and my lack of motivation since March, I've dropped for a few months the publishing of the "monthly workbench" blog posts. Time to pick it up with some input as of August 2020. Starting with Trovarion (Christoph Eichhorn) who updated his website with an "index" of all his available tutorials. This... Continue Reading →

Learning Bench 2020-04-16

A month back, I received my latest order from Green Stuff World: a few bottles of paint to complete my range; some amazing Airbrush Thinner that really does miracles (I highly recommend it) and a metallic rank to store the paints. about the rack, after a month of usage here's my mixed feedback: it's great... Continue Reading →

Post Mortem – Capt’n Sapo

  Sinon perso on dirait que c'est encore à l'état de sketch, et la fig mériterait peut-être de travailler tes contrastes avant de continuer. Foncer les zones à obscurcir et éclairer les zones qui prennent la lumière. Pierre-Gilles Pecquereau Et bien perso sur le haut du "visage" ca manque cruellement oui, le bas par contre... Continue Reading →

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