Learning Bench 2020-02-18

I've been taking notes about Color Theory during one of my business trips while I was on the plane, and I absolutely don't remember which source/book it came from - shame on me -, I better copy-paste it here and also share what I'm doing this year to get a larger understanding on the painting... Continue Reading →

Paint & Chat Night

Join me on 31/1/2020 - 21:00 - 23:00 - for a Paint & Chat Session. I'll be online on Discord for a Paint & Chat night session. Nothing on TV ? Need motivation to paint ? Join https://discord.gg/GKzrEBa . You cannot make it today but interested in joining another time ? Check out the Hobby... Continue Reading →

Post Mortem – Capt’n Sapo

  Sinon perso on dirait que c'est encore à l'état de sketch, et la fig mériterait peut-être de travailler tes contrastes avant de continuer. Foncer les zones à obscurcir et éclairer les zones qui prennent la lumière. Pierre-Gilles Pecquereau Et bien perso sur le haut du "visage" ca manque cruellement oui, le bas par contre... Continue Reading →

Formation Peinture: 8-9 Février 2020

Annonce du prochain stage prévu le 8-9 Février 2020 avec Julien Alabonnepeindouille Reymond . 8 participants. 15H de cours, Prix 175€ . Lieu: Cadre privé à Bruxelles (1090 Jette). Guide du Participant: http://bit.ly/stage202002 J’ai demandé à Julien de travailler sur Qui Li Quin une figurine de 38mm (abordée dans le livre Figopédia voir http://www.figone.fr/qui-li-quin/ )... Continue Reading →

Learning Bench 2019-11-20

I am in love with the aero-colors’ range from Schmincke; they are excellent for an airbrush usage. You should read the article published on Jacksonart.com . While you are on that webpage, discover also the story behind the Ultramarine blue color. Here's an extract: Golden’s first acrylic range, introduced in the 1980s was their heavy body... Continue Reading →

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